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Nicky J, SENco at a school in London

Marion has been working in our school for 5 years counselling children and working with parents, teachers and school management to create an environment that is aware, consistent, boundaried and nurturing to help children feel supported. As a result, children are better able to navigate challenges, learn and reach their full potential.

We have seen children, whom Marion has counselled, grow in confidence. They were better able to cope with their difficult feelings. They discovered their strengths. They developed new behavioural strategies. They enjoyed more fulfilling relationships and friendships. As a result, their school results significantly improved.

Marion works closely with all stakeholders. She gives insights into child emotional development and adult psychological dynamics to understand and address puzzling situations. Mindful of confidentiality, Marion explores strategies with parents, teachers, school staff and management, to help children emotionally regulate and in turn help them embrace friendships and enjoy learning.

We commend Marion’s high standards of professionalism and ability to make children’s complex and challenging emotional worlds understandable and compelling.

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