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Understanding our children

Helping our children grow can be mystifying. The variety of parental advice can be puzzling. And some approaches feel counterintuitive. 

I provide consultations to parents to help them gain insight into what might be happening for their children when they seem to struggle with school, relationships, behaviour, friendships, bullying, confidence, anxiety, anger or behaviour.

I provide guidance with big questions such as what is healthy caregiving, how to navigate conflict, how to create loving bonds, how to support our children learn, how do we help them grow confident and resilient. The pandemic has presented us with a new set of challenges. Together, we explore strategies going forward - strategies that are specific to your children and to our times.

Confidentiality is at the foundation of psychotherapy. It contributes to our sense of safety and trust. I ensure confidentiality in the treatment of any information.

I meet parents for consultations face-to-face in a Covid secure room or online by video call on zoom or other secure platforms.

For parents with toddlers or very young children, I provide home visits.

Sliding scale fees apply.

Do no hesitate to get in touch if you wish to make an appointment or have questions about whether therapy would help your child.

"[Marion] gives insights into child emotional development and adult psychological dynamics to understand and address puzzling situations. Mindful of confidentiality, Marion explores strategies with parents [...] to help children emotionally regulate and in turn help them embrace friendships and enjoy learning."

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