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Infants, nursery and primary school age



Our early years are pivotal to social and emotional survival and growth. There is a lot to experience and learn. I help children develop their confidence and resilience.

In the therapeutic space, children develop a new language to make sense of, and friends with, their powerful emotions. They are better able to reflect before acting. They enjoy better friendships and relationships. Their school learning improves.

I have experience of working with a range of issues such as behavioural issues, shyness, anger, bullying/being bullied, trauma, depression, defiance, school or friendship issues.

My practice is informed by attachment theory and neuroscience. I use talk, play and arts therapy techniques to help children express and process difficult feelings and develop new strategies.

I ensure confidentiality in the treatment of any information. It contributes to a sense of safety and trust.

I provide:

  • parent consultations

  • assessments

  • counselling with the child

  • parent-child work

  • short-term therapy 

  • long-term therapy

  • face-to-face (subject to lockdown)  

  • online via zoom or other secure platforms

  • home visits for very young children 

Sliding scale fees can apply.

Do no hesitate to get in touch if you wish to make an appointment or have questions about how therapy would help your child.

"We have seen children, whom Marion has counselled, grow in confidence. They were better able to cope with their difficult feelings. They discovered their strengths. They developed new behavioural strategies. They enjoyed more fulfilling relationships and friendships. As a result, their school results significantly improved."


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